3D Printed HobbyKing Walrus Replacement Canopy

The Walrus is an affordable and popular 1400mm PNF electric glider by HobbyKing. Unfortunately, HobbyKing do not offer much in the way of spare parts for this plane. The plastic canopy hatch is kept in place with a small magnet and is known to fall off during flight, typically never to be seen again. Mark and Andy have designed this 3D printed HobbyKing Walrus replacement canopy, which I have published on Thingiverse for the benefit of other Walrus owners.

The 3D printing model for the Walrus canopy consists of three separate parts - the canopy body, two mounting rails and a retainer ‘stub’. To produce your own replacement canopy, print two of the rail parts and one each of the canopy/retainer. The two rails and retainer are simply glued on to the main canopy.

The photos below show the assembled canopy (click to enlarge):

3D printed replacement Walrus canopy. 3D printed replacement Walrus canopy (underside).

The finished result is a drop in replacement for the Walrus canopy:

3D printed replacement Walrus canopy (installed).

The curvature of the canopy base allows the addition of flexible plastic to create an aerodynamic finish (the black plastic from the original canopy can be re-used), while the flat centre area makes a Walrus FPV conversion straightforward.

3D printed replacement Walrus canopy (installed, side view).

The canopy is an exact replica of the EPO foam canopy base that comes with the original Walrus glider. It is a little heavier than the original foam canopy, but by printing with a moderate honeycomb infill, the weight is kept down.

3D printed replacement Walrus canopy (installed, top view).

Download the STL files for 3D printing this replacement canopy using the links below:

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, there are various 3D printing services available online, such as ShapeWays.

The HobbyKing Walrus Replacement Canopy by DEVTTY.IO is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

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