PIC18F4680 Dev Board

Back in 2012 I designed a development board (or breakout board) for the DIP40 version of the Microchip PIC18F4680 microcontroller to experiment with PIC programming. Today I’m publishing the EagleCAD PCB design files for this project should any other budding PIC developers find this useful.

The circuit is a simple design using a LM7805 5-volt linear regulator for power, a 20MHz oscillator, two different methods for connecting a power source and female pin headers for much of the PIC18F’s I/O ports. A couple of power switches and LED’s round out the circuit. An auxiliary 5v power supply header is also provided to power a breadboard for accessories being connected to the PIC18F.

A Dangerous Prototypes Sick of Beige 100x50 acrylic case is included in the design to protect the board (to use the acrylic top plate, laser cutting for the switches will be required). Alternatively custom mounting of the board can be achieved using the M3 mounting holes.

The 3D render below gives an impression of what the board layout looks like (note this image did not render the DP SoB rounded edges correctly):

3D visualisation of PIC18F4680 PCB..

Using the board is an equally simple affair - connect a 9V battery or power supply to one of the two power connectors, use the P/SEL switch to connect the chosen power input to the board and turn it on with the ON/OFF switch. The microcontroller is programmed using the ICSP header and an appropriate USB programming tool.

If you want to make one of these boards for yourself, the EagleCAD (version 7) files required are available on GitHub. A set of Gerber files are also included within the repository for use with the excellent OSHPark PCB manufacturing service. When using OSHPark, the PCB should be shown on the website as in the image below.

OSHPark.com render of PIC18F4680 PCB.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of a completed board, but I have tested this design and confirmed it works. If you build one, let me know!

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