It’s great to hear from site visitors so feel free to get in touch. My preferred method of contact is through Twitter, but you can also email me. I try to respond to all messages, but please be patient as it might take a few days before I even get to reading your message!

Should you have a problem with one of my GitHub projects, consider opening an issue ticket over there. I’ll get an automatic email after you submit it, and will take a look ASAP.

I no longer use a commenting system on my homepage for various reasons, so if you just want to say thanks or have a quick question, best to tweet me. For everything else, shoot me an email.

If you are emailing in a particularly technical question, please help me to help you by being sufficiently detailed in describing your problem. If you’ve never heard of How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, it’s a good read for geeks and hackers everywhere – it will save me time and help you get the answer you need.

With all that out of the way, you can email me at phraxoid [-at-]

GnuPG Encrypted Email

My GPG key ID is 0xCA2A8BC1 and can be downloaded from or I am also phraxoid on My GPG key fingerprint is: C1DD 3088 2D61 0F15 E182 D77C D401 5D71 CA2A 8BC1.