At the moment this website and associated content is ‘advert free’ and not directly monetized. I’d like to keep it that way, as I dislike online advertising as much as everyone else. This privately-run site has a lot of visitors so the running costs are not trivial. Countless hours go in to creating the content made freely available here. If you would like to support the site and the production of new content, please see below for some suggestions on how you can do so. All contributions will be used exclusively for the development and operation of this website.

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There are other ways to help if you’d prefer a free option. You can follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube channel and ‘like’ any of the videos you enjoyed. It’s free and does make a difference! My other social media accounts are linked from the homepage. Alternatively, share an article with a friend, or drop me a line and let me know what you thought.

Providing Review Samples

Occasionally I create product reviews using free samples provided by a manufacturer or retailer. Review samples are a great way to help me create new content and get exposure for your product. Please note I have the following rules for free samples:

  • It will be clearly stated that the item was supplied by you specifically for review purposes.
  • All shipping and handling expenses will be paid by the supplier.
  • Sample products will only be returned by prior agreement.
  • Negative reviews will not be retracted or editorialised to your requirements.

To discuss sponsored product reviews, please contact me via email.